Gullah Girl Tea

Healing Tea Blends

I love drinking tea! I must admit though that wasn't always the case, I didn't always know that there were tea options outside of drinking Lipton's black tea when I had a cold, but when I learned about the beauty of tea culture as well as it's healing benefits I fell in love.

It all began when I left  home for college, I began to re-evaluate my health and eating habits and began to think about the cycle of diabetes in my family.  I wanted to find ways to remain healthy and to help heal my family members who were diabetic.  I began to learn more about healthy eating practices and herbs and learned that tea  and herbs could be used to alleviate and prevent certain illnesses.  Upon speaking to my family members while working on an art project, I learned that my grandmother used leaves from her back yard to create teas to heal my mother and her siblings when they were sick with the flu and other ailments.  My grandmother made tea!

This led me to delve into taking the tea and health knowledge that I had learned into making delicious fresh tea blends. At this time I also decided to formally study herbalism with Karen Rose.  I named my company Gullah Girl tea to honor my Gullah heritage.   

Gullah Girl teas celebrates the beauty of  health, wellness, creativity and healing  by sourcing local fruits, flowers and organic herbs for use in deliciously healing tea blends.

I am super excited to share my blends and inspiration with you!